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Star Trek: The Motion Picture (TOS #1). Kirk gets the band back together to stop a giant cloud from destroying Earth. (Reviewed 10/20/2017.)



The Entropy Effect (TOS #2). Spock travels back in time to prevent accelerated entropy from destroying the universe, but settles for a Band-Aid. Meanwhile, Sulu must choose between boinking the new security chief or beefing up his résumé. (Reviewed 10/27/2017.)

The Klingon Gambit (TOS #3). All the Vulcans vanish from a research station near the planet Alnath II. Could it have something to do with how everyone starts acting really weird once they begin orbiting the planet? No, it’s probably Klingons, because Klingons. (Reviewed 11/3/17.)

The Covenant of the Crown (TOS #4). McCoy’s birthday makes him acutely aware of his ever-encroaching oldness, but there’s nothing like an escort mission with a young princess who wants to jump the Bones to put a little pep back in his step. (Reviewed 11/10/17.)


The Prometheus Design (TOS #5). Beings from another universe test our own to see if greatness can be achieved without aggression. Can Kirk’s maverick command style win over a bigoted Vulcan admiral who relieves him of command and a distressingly cruel post-Kolinahr Spock? (Reviewed 11/17/17.)

The Abode of Life (TOS #6). The Enterprise, stranded in unexplored space, must rely for repairs on a people who don’t believe anything exists outside their world yet have somehow independently mastered transporter technology, all while not breaking the Prime Directive. (Reviewed 11/24/17.)

Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan (TOS #7). Khan exacts his revenge on Kirk for dumping him and his crew on an inhospitable planet fifteen years prior. (Reviewed 12/1/17.)



Black Fire (TOS #8). Spock once again goes behind Starfleet’s backs to investigate a savage warrior race that threatens the galaxy at large. Warning: this book could awaken some extremely specific, vaguely fetishistic Spock-related feelings in some readers. (Reviewed 12/8/17.)

Triangle (TOS #9). It’s a blue Monday when a sexy Federation agent comes between Kirk and Spock as conflicting consciousnesses compete to determine the next step of human evolution. Can they navigate the bizarre love triangle, or will they succumb to the new order? (Reviewed 12/15/17.)

Web of the Romulans (TOS #10). Romulans cross the Neutral Zone border with strangely non-militaristic intent, and Kirk has to figure out what they’re up to without setting off intergalactic war or spurning the advances of the lovesick Enterprise computer. (Reviewed 12/22/17.)

Yesterday’s Son (TOS #11). Spock learns he sired a son with Zarabeth while trapped in the planet Sarpeidon’s ice age during the events of “All Our Yesterdays” and uses the Guardian of Forever to bring him back to the present and acclimate him to the Vulcan way of life. (Reviewed 12/29/17.)

Mutiny on the Enterprise (TOS #12). The Enterprise is on its way out to the Orion Arm to negotiate peace between two worlds and keep the Romulans off their backs, but a preternaturally persuasive pacifist woman picked up from a derelict ship threatens to unravel it all. (Reviewed 1/5/18.)

The Wounded Sky (TOS #13). The Enterprise receives the honor of testing the new Intergalactic Inversion Drive, but they soon realize that using it is causing the lack of entropy from another universe to leak through and render time and reality meaningless. (Reviewed 1/12/18.)


The Trellisane Confrontation (TOS #14). Kirk, Spock, and McCoy are stuck on a planet trying to defend it from its Klingon-aided neighbor while prisoners hijack his ship with the intent of taking it across the Romulan border and triggering intergalactic war. (Reviewed 1/19/18.)

Corona (TOS #15). A reporter from a backwater mining planet tags along with the Enterprise crew as they solve the mystery of a long-stranded space station of Vulcans and the grouping of sentient proto-stars controlling their actions. (Reviewed 1/26/18.)

The Final Reflection (TOS #16). A popular historical novel recounts the life of Krenn, a Klingon captain who learned the virtue of peace from a Federation ambassador to the Empire and averted an attempt by his own people to launch a war against the Federation. (Reviewed 2/2/18.)

Star Trek III: The Search for Spock (TOS #17). Kirk and his crew go behind Starfleet’s backs to travel to the now-forbidden Genesis planet, take Spock’s regenerated body back to Vulcan, and transfer his essence from McCoy to Spock. (Reviewed 2/9/18.)

My Enemy, My Ally (TOS #18). Kirk teams up with an old nemesis to thwart a Romulan plan to capture Vulcans, ingest and absorb their DNA, and regain the psionic abilities they lost to genetic drift. (Reviewed 2/16/18.)

The Tears of the Singers
(TOS #19). The seal-like inhabitants of Taygeta V are threatened by poachers, and their song is tearing a hole in space. Uhura becomes embroiled in their plight, and the Enterprise recruits a popular composer to help solve the mystery of the song. (Reviewed 2/23/18.)

The Vulcan Academy Murders (TOS #20). Kirk puts on his Sherlock Holmes hat in hopes of solving the murders of people receiving an experimental treatment on Vulcan before the culprit can kill the treatment’s most high-profile recipient: Spock’s mother, Amanda Grayson. (Reviewed 3/2/18.)


Uhura’s Song (TOS #21). The Enterprise must find a cure for a rapidly spreading, deadly disease, and the only clues they have to go on are buried in the lyrics of songs Uhura learned long ago from an old friend. (Reviewed 3/9/18.)

Shadow Lord 
(TOS #22). Spock and Sulu accompany Prince Vikram of Angira back to his homeworld to help him modernize the primitive planet and end up in the middle of a coup that leaves Vikram as the sole successor to the throne. (Reviewed 3/16/18.)

Ishmael (TOS #23). Spock is hurtled through time back to Seattle in 1868, finding himself in the care of a man named Aaron Stemple, with no memory of anything prior to waking in Aaron’s bed. (Reviewed 3/23/18.)

Killing Time
(TOS #24).



Dwellers in the Crucible (TOS #25).



Pawns and Symbols (TOS #26).




Mindshadow (TOS #27).

Crisis on Centaurus (TOS #28).

Dreadnought! (TOS #29).

Demons (TOS #30).

Enterprise: The First Adventure (TOS event novel).

Battlestations! (TOS #31).

Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home (TOS, unnumbered).


Chain of Attack (TOS #32).

Deep Domain (TOS #33).

Dreams of the Raven (TOS #34).

Strangers from the Sky (TOS event novel).

The Romulan Way (TOS #35).

How Much for Just the Planet? (TOS #36).

Encounter at Farpoint (TNG, unnumbered).

Bloodthirst (TNG #37).