#022: Shadow Lord (TOS #22)

Occasionally, it happens that someone who is otherwise a perfectly decent and talented writer just can’t nail down that Star Trek vibe. We’ve seen it before.¬†For someone who only wrote one Star Trek novel, Laurence Yep has exceptional pedigree: he’s won a Newbery Medal and the Laura Ingalls Wilder Medal, among other accolades, and he’s written a ton of highly praised books and series for children that are steeped in Chinese lore. But that doesn’t necessarily guarantee adequate characterizations and interesting stories in other universes.

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#021: Uhura’s Song (TOS #21)

This week, we’re looking at Uhura’s Song, in which Uhura’s professional football career is derailed by a terminal cancer diagnosis.

Wait, no, sorry, that’s Brian’s Song. My apologies.

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A Gift on My Doorstep!

So the Deep Space Spines project has been chugging along uninterrupted for almost six months now, and amazingly, I’ve managed to not miss a single week yet. If you’re reading it, I thank you from the bottom of my heart and I hope you’re enjoying it. Right now, the only things I post are the reviews, and with the exception of the very first post that laid out the site’s mission statement, there hasn’t been a whole lot of occasion or reason for posting meta/real-life things. Until yesterday!

On Monday, DSS received its first big infusion of outside patronage thanks to fan of the site and longtime personal friend Jeff Hibbert. The proprietor of a pizza place near him was clearing out his basement and selling Star Trek books for 50 cents apiece. He grabbed up everything that was in decent condition and found a box to put them in. But the box still had room when he was finished, so he filled it out with more Star Trek books he found at used bookstores around his area.

Check it out!

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#020: The Vulcan Academy Murders (TOS #20)

I’m going to level with you: I’m not very good at crime procedurals. Ask my wife. We can be sitting watching an episode of Law & Order: SVU or what have you and she’ll have the killer figured out before the theme song. I’m not nearly as sharp as she is, so I sort of let events wash over me, and then at the big reveal I’m usually just like, “Oh, okay.” So the fact that I solved the central mystery of The Vulcan Academy Murders with nearly 200 pages still left to read does not reflect well upon it.

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#019: The Tears of the Singers (TOS #19)

In last week’s adventure, the Enterprise crew temporarily set aside their differences with the Romulans to put a stop to some evil people and achieve something for the greater good. This week, the Enterprise crew temporarily sets aside their differences with the Klingons to put a stop to some evil people and achieve something for the greater good. Totally different!

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