RIP Dave Galanter

Star Trek novelist Dave Galanter passed away three days ago on December 12 of cancer. His wife Simantha broke the news of his passing on his Twitter account. He had revealed his terminal diagnosis and the late stage of his illness only a month prior.

Deep Space Spines recently reached his first Star Trek novel, the TNG story Foreign Foes, back in July. He collaborated on the majority of his Trek output with a writing partner, Greg Brodeur, before going solo in 2009 with TOS’s Troublesome Minds. His most recent work in the franchise, the Lieutenant Stamets–centered Discovery novel Dead Endless, came out nearly one year ago to the day.

I enjoyed Foreign Foes, and a lot of the work yet to be reviewed looks pretty exciting. He will be greatly missed.

#160: The Escape (VOY #2)

This week, when Voyager plunders an abandoned shipyard for parts, Neelix takes his most felonious nap yet. But when an intelligence agent arrives to scare the dumb-dumb planet-hoppers away, he realizes he might be getting too old for this s___. Can B’Elanna, Harry, and Neelix beat the system? Will we ever get to see the Back Room? And how amazing does a Bolian cheese tower sound? All this and more in The Escape, one of those time travel stories I’m not sure I’m smart enough for!

#159: The Romulan Stratagem (TNG #35)

This week, Picard and Sela drag out their best Kirk speeches in hopes of closing a sale. Meanwhile, Ro Laren winds up on the hospitality beat and lands elbow-deep in one of the worst kinds of boy trouble. What’s the correct take on cargo pants? What’s to be done about the lack of synonyms for “android”? And who do we talk to about getting an anthology of Guinan’s exploits on Risa? All this and more in The Romulan Stratagem, the book that isn’t afraid to name-drop a deep Poe cut.

#158: Valhalla (DS9 #10)

This week, when an influential Cardassian figure dies, a whole host of potential heirs line up to fill his boots. But when a derelict starship starts asking questions about the afterlife, Sisko has to stay on his toes to make sure he isn’t the one who gets Sunday-schooled. Will Dukat get that big promotion? Will O’Brien get to play with a new toy? And can DS9 get its outbreak of crabs under control? All this and more in Valhalla, where we take on the ugly elephant in the room.

Valhalla delayed

The review for Valhalla (DS9 #10) will go up next week. I had to take a leave from work to do more virtual schooling, and while I had enough lead time to cobble together a review of Secret of the Lizard People, I haven’t had a chance to write anything about Valhalla (though I have read it). Work, as long-time readers may know, is my writing environment. I get too distracted anywhere else to do effective work. But I’ll be back there next week, so I don’t see why it wouldn’t be up on the 27th.

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