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#171: Violations (VOY #4)

This week, Voyager wakes up from a sketchy deal with one less computer core. But when they reboot in safe mode, they’ll need to get it back before it gets used to start a revolution. How many different ways can the EMH get “sick”? Is it cruel to drop continuity teases you know you can’t deliver on? And how necessary is it to tell people in the Delta Quadrant that you’re from the Federation? All this and more in Violations, the book that does a barrel roll.

On Donating Books

I’ll cut to the chase on this one. For the three years plus that Deep Space Spines has been a thing, I’ve been able to comfortably afford the books thanks to the relative cheapness of mass market paperbacks and the generosity of my readers, and have built up quite a strong reading buffer. Following the most recent review for The Laertian Gamble, I have in my possession every book to be reviewed for the next 53 weeks. However, after that point, some titles, particularly in the YA line, are outlandishly expensive even at my level of combined disposable income and financial patronage. So, operating on the old adage that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, I’ve decided to open up the site to donations of books as well as money. To that end, I’ve added a page called Books the Site Needs, where I’ll list books that, shall we say, make my eyes bug out when I look them up online, and see if I can’t get some of them that way.

Thanks as always for frequenting this silly little site of mine and being the awesome people you are.

#170: The Laertian Gamble (DS9 #12)

This week, when Bashir agrees to gamble on a telepath’s behalf, he breaks more than just the bank. When entire ships and moons start disappearing, Dax and Kira have to wrestle with the forces of chaos itself to bring them back. What’s the deal with Complexity Theory? What are Ferengi priests like? And is the closest point of comparison for this book really that episode? All this and more in The Laertian Gamble, the book that’s brought to you by Meat Product 62!

#169: Field Trip (DS9 YA #6)

This week, when Keiko promises Sisko her class’s field trip to the Gamma Quadrant will be totally safe, it’s almost as if she’s never seen Star Trek. But when a Cardassian attack forces an emergency landing, Jake’s Bigfoot sighting might be the thing that saves them all. How much say does the senior staff have in Keiko’s curriculum? How badly are the YA books and the show going to de-sync? And is Nog the big mood of 2021? All this and more in Field Trip, the book that remembers a more innocent time.

#168: First Frontier (TOS #75)

This week, an experiment gone wrong sends the Enterprise back to when dinosaurs ruled the earth. But when they discover that this Earth got through puberty without a crater face, it’s off to the Guardian of Forever to set right what once didn’t go wrong. What does an injured Captain Kirk bring to a story’s table? Are Starfleet officers aware of what they’re signing up for? Is Diane Carey, for that matter? All this and more in First Frontier, the book that doesn’t go as all in as you would hope.

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