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Patreon Goal Achieved: Shore Leave!

All ashore that’s going ashore: Deep Space Spines has reached its first Patreon goal! After six months of non-canonical voyages, we’re getting some much-needed shore leave. Or, more accurately, Shore Leave. That’s the name I decided on for the site’s first extracurricular feature, where I talk about some of the non-Trek pop culture I’m enjoying at the moment and attempt (probably in vain) to prove that I have a life beyond Star Trek mass market paperbacks.

Shore Leave will run biweekly on Tuesdays. That seems to me a good halfway point between Fridays, and I don’t exactly take in new things at a breakneck pace, so I think that will suit me and the site just fine for the time being. The first Shore Leave will go up Tuesday, April 24, and then we’ll keep on trekkin’ from there.

I extend my most heartfelt thanks to everyone who has made this possible so far. I’ve had the good fortune to receive the love of some very generous donors, but if you’d like to help, I assure you that just one dollar a month really and truly makes a big difference toward what I’m able to do for this site—and best of all, your donation shows that you support online longform writing, because as long as people need something to read on the toilet (sonic or otherwise), online longform writing won’t be a dead art form. Again, thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

And of course: live long and prosper, friends.

#027: Mindshadow (TOS #27)

Today, Spock sings “Where Is My Mind?” while Kirk and Bones butt heads as they vie for the privilege of paging Doctor Love. Meanwhile, Kirk’s desire to help people in need proves at odds with the Aritanians’ desire for everyone to go away and leave them alone. Will Spock’s mental faculties come back in time to fill in the blanks for his befuddled, love-addled captain, or will he live out the rest of his days as a vegetable in his parents’ basement? This week, we shine a light on Mindshadow, or, How to Win Friends and Influence High-Ranking Starfleet Officers.

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#026: Pawns and Symbols (TOS #26)

Another week, another novel focusing on a new and never-before-seen character. Jean Czerny, an agricultural scientist, is captured by Klingons and forcibly recruited to solve their famine crisis. It’s the job she was born and bread for, but she can’t afford to loaf around. Will she ac-wheat-esce to the Klingons’ demands or go against the grain? This week, it’s Pawns and Symbols, or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Klingons.

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#025: Dwellers in the Crucible (TOS #25)

Remember when two daring authors named John M. Ford and Diane Duane created rich, dense histories and cultures for Klingons and Romulans from almost no raw materials whatsoever? Pepperidge Farm remembers. But so do some authors who came along later, like Margaret Wander Bonanno, who makes her debut here. Get ready for some of the Klingon-iest Klingons, Vulcan-iest Vulcans, and … well, there’s not much new or exciting going on with the Romulans, but they’re here, too.

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#024: Killing Time (TOS #24)

Normally, I insert a “read more” tag after the intro paragraph of a review to generate some suspense and keep from filling the main page with walls of text, but this is the first time it’s actually serving a third purpose of hiding some most likely NSFW material. Buckle up, banditos, because we’re about to go behind the velvet curtain in the back of the video store, and you’re going to find out what happens when an author commits the 80s literary equivalent of getting horny on main.

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