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1-Year Fundraiser and Some Other Upcoming Stuff

It might be even harder for you to believe than it is for me, but Deep Space Spines is approaching one year of existence. October 19 marks the day I posted the welcome post, and the review of Star Trek: The Motion Picture went up the very next day.

So, just to commemorate one year, I’ve decided to hold a little fundraiser. The main purpose for this would be putting money toward re-upping the domain, which comes due on October 10. Any additional funds would go toward getting substantially farther ahead on book-buying (and I’m already pretty far ahead as it is)1, and maybe also looking into some supplemental research materials.

Image result for next generation combadgeFor the fundraiser, I’m focusing on small one-time donations. You can donate any amount you want by clicking the combadge on the left or right here, both of which will take you to the page where you can donate directly. Although if you’ve been thinking about becoming a patron, you can do that as well. I have no set expectations for this fundraiser, but we’ll see how it goes.

Also, according to its page, Star Trek: Judgment Rites is coming up on its 25th anniversary. Judgment Rites is one of my favorite video games of all time; that and a book we’ll get to soon enough are what really made me fall hard for TOS, and it shaped a lot of my ideas about how to go about solving problems.2 So as a bonus, starting November 7, I’ll be posting an article about one episode of Judgment Rites every Wednesday until the end of the year. I’m excited to talk about my first non-literary piece of tie-in media, and getting to write about this game will be both a thrill and an honor. I hope you look forward to it as much as I do.

This announcement will remain at the top of the homepage throughout September and a little bit of October.

#046: Ghost Ship (TNG #1)

This week brings us, at long last, to our very first all-original Next Generation printed adventure. It’s the mid-90s and the Cold War is still chugging along, but after a giant electromagnetic creature eats a Soviet battleship, the men aboard spend the next four centuries in a cold bore. Four hundred years later, the EMC gets an appetite for starship, and the Enterprise-D has to figure how to talk to it and puzzle out the most humane way to put ghosts down, all while slowly patching up their own still-rocky relationships. Will Data ever get hip to the lingo? What does being a “mind slut” even mean? And just what the heck is Riker’s glitch? It’s the book that spends a full fifteen pages on a discussion of ethical euthanasia.

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Shore Leave #10: Now With Unnecessary Voiceover!

Shore Leave is the non-Trek culture arm of the Deep Space Spines website, posted every other Tuesday and made possible by donations to the site’s Patreon.

All Trek and no anything else makes Jess a dull reader, so when I get ahead on site reading (writing being another matter entirely), I see what the more earthbound side of the literary world has to offer. The past two weeks took me in a direction I don’t often go: fantasy.

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#045: Timetrap (TOS #40)

This week, Kirk disappears while helping a Klingon ship stuck in a storm and wakes up 100 years in the future, where it would seem the Klingons have turned over a new leaf. While they prepare to return him to his own time and groom him for his role in ushering in the Great Peace, Spock calls in all his favors to get to the bottom of what’s really going on. Does Kirk listen to himself when he talks? What does Spock have to do to get some respect around here? How can you make up something called “The Hole” and then not devote fifty pages to it? It’s Timetrap, the book that’s not-so-subtly trying to tell you “drugs are bad, m’kay.”

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#044: Time for Yesterday (TOS #39)

Today it’s time for Time for Yesterday, the sequel to one of only a handful of books from the earliest days of the Pocketverse that can unequivocally be called good. When stars begin prematurely going nova, an admiral gets the classic power trio back together to figure out why the Guardian of Forever decided to take a lunch break. But when their freelance help’s attempt at telepathic contact gets her Deebo’d, Spock’s best idea is to recruit his son for the job—but he’ll have to interrupt the Guardian’s DVR recording of Game of Thrones to pull it off. Has Spock mellowed out as a dad? Would the Guardian of Forever be a clingy friend? Can I get my name legally changed to Rorgan Death-Hand? It’s the book where our heroes are running out of time, until they aren’t.

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