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#149: The Pet (DS9-YA #4)

Quick Note to Readers: I am currently tasked with supervising my son’s virtual schooling. Due to the time commitment this requires, review postings (like this one) may be delayed to Friday evenings or Saturday mornings for the next few weeks. The reviews are getting written, but between handling virtual schooling and having to fit in sleep (because I work overnight), opportunities to transcribe them are severely limited. I know y’all will understand because you’re cool like that. I just wanted you to know. —Jess

This week, when a big brown furry thing takes a shine to Jake, Odo leaves it in his and Nog’s care. But when the wormholes burps up a soap bubble that’s looking for its abducted prince, their bylaws dictate that they can’t give out any useful information for finding him. Are Jake and Nog card-carrying members of G.R.O.S.S.? Does Morn ever panic? And do you even have to read this book at all? All this and more in The Pet, a book written by Mel Gilden. What a guy!

#108: The Starship Trap (TOS #64)

This week, the Enterprise gets cornered into pulling Uber duty for a haughty councilman, and Kirk couldn’t be less interested in getting a 5-star review. But hospitality becomes the least of Kirk’s worries when another guest reveals the ulterior motive behind his newest creation. Now the crew must travel from universe to universe, putting right what immediately goes wrong and hoping each time that their next leap will be the leap home. Who’s the lady with the head gear? Will Spock ever actually read The Wizard of Oz? And do we in fact live in a society? All this and more in The Starship Trap, the book where I admit I’m in it for the steak.

#083: Boogeymen (TNG #17)

This week, Wesley takes inspiration from his childhood nightmares to conjure opponents for command scenario practice. But when a scientist friend of Picard’s is desperate to go off the grid, his plan coincides with Wesley’s holodeck creations in the worst way. How often do they update the replicator drink list? Isn’t the Kobayashi Maru supposed to be a secret? And who among the crew needs to brush up on their Microsoft Word shortcuts? All this and more in Boogeymen, the book that gives new meaning to “brain power”.

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