#192: Highest Score (DS9 YA #8)

This week, it looks like adding “video game expert” to their LinkedIn profiles is finally going to pay off for Jake and Nog. But when they realize the fake games are hurting real people, they’ll have to decide if it’s worth all the shakes they can drink. Will this be the best or worst spring break ever? Is Jake’s back going to be okay? And does anyone even say “catsup” today, much less four hundred years from now? All this and more in Highest Score, the book that has a game for the grown-ups, too!

#191: Objective: Bajor (DS9 #15)

This week, a species called the Hive sucks a Bajoran colony world dry, but it’s hardly a happy ending. But when the Hive does the splits, Sisko has to throw together a basic etiquette lesson plan as both Bajor and Cardassia Prime get ready to fight back. Is the Great Design all it’s cracked up to be? Will young Tork turn into a Young Turk? And is this yet another job for the Emissary? All this and more in Objective: Bajor, the book that’s awfully stingy with the uniforms.

Objective: Bajor delayed

Attention, Bajoran readers: I hate to do this, but I’m bumping this Friday’s review of John Peel’s Objective: Bajor off to next week. I’ve almost finished reading the book, but not quite, and I’m going out of town for a few days this weekend. I’ll finish the book and probably honestly get the whole review written at work tonight, but I’m going to delay posting it to give myself a chance to breathe easy on my vacation and create some buffer time to get ahead of the game again. Until then, peace.

#190: Possession (TNG #40)

This week, a malevolent evil has returned, and this time, it’s learned how to meditate. But if Data, Worf, and Deanna can’t build a proton pack that will hold it, it’ll turn the upcoming science fair into the ultimate superspreader event. How many Earth expressions is Worf actually familiar with? How much of J.M. Dillard’s touch is really in this book? And is the redshirt death in this book the most senseless one yet? All this and more in Possession, the book that leaves ’em laughing.

#189: The Rings of Tautee (TOS #78)

This week, when a scientist’s quest to give her people unlimited fusion power goes horribly awry, at least the explosion is pretty. But when Kirk wants to rescue as many survivors as he can, he learns that two’s company, three’s a Prime Directive violation. Can Jim keep his friend happy? Can the Enterprise keep the disaster from spreading to Earth? And can I keep Dan Forden from living rent-free in my head? All this and more inĀ The Rings of Tautee, the book that won’t inspire any baby names anytime soon.

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