Patreon Goal Achieved: Shore Leave!

All ashore that’s going ashore: Deep Space Spines has reached its first Patreon goal! After six months of non-canonical voyages, we’re getting some much-needed shore leave. Or, more accurately, Shore Leave. That’s the name I decided on for the site’s first extracurricular feature, where I talk about some of the non-Trek pop culture I’m enjoying at the moment and attempt (probably in vain) to prove that I have a life beyond Star Trek mass market paperbacks.

Shore Leave will run biweekly on Tuesdays. That seems to me a good halfway point between Fridays, and I don’t exactly take in new things at a breakneck pace, so I think that will suit me and the site just fine for the time being. The first Shore Leave will go up Tuesday, April 24, and then we’ll keep on trekkin’ from there.

I extend my most heartfelt thanks to everyone who has made this possible so far. I’ve had the good fortune to receive the love of some very generous donors, but if you’d like to help, I assure you that just one dollar a month really and truly makes a big difference toward what I’m able to do for this site—and best of all, your donation shows that you support online longform writing, because as long as people need something to read on the toilet (sonic or otherwise), online longform writing won’t be a dead art form. Again, thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

And of course: live long and prosper, friends.


#027: Mindshadow (TOS #27)


Shore Leave #01: Switch-Sitting

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  1. Dana

    Apologies for such a late comment, but this seemed to be the best way of getting in touch. I have plenty of old Trek books, including some of the early TNG/DS9/VOY ones. Would you like them? I’m in north DFW, so we could maybe even arrange an in-person transfer.

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