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#170: The Laertian Gamble (DS9 #12)

This week, when Bashir agrees to gamble on a telepath’s behalf, he breaks more than just the bank. When entire ships and moons start disappearing, Dax and Kira have to wrestle with the forces of chaos itself to bring them back. What’s the deal with Complexity Theory? What are Ferengi priests like? And is the closest point of comparison for this book really that episode? All this and more in The Laertian Gamble, the book that’s brought to you by Meat Product 62!

#167: The Ferengi Rules of Acquisition (DS9, misc.)

This week, Quark overcomes the considerable handicap of being a fictional character to bring the accumulated wisdom of his species (or at least a fraction of it) to our bookshelves. But it remains to be seen whether this light sampling of alien aphorisms is worth the latinum. Do the Rules hit different in a book? Is “sexual icon” a value judgment one can make about oneself? And what does Forrest Gump have to do with any of this? All this and more in The Ferengi Rules of Acquisition, coming soon to a theater near you!

#126: Fallen Heroes (DS9 #5)

This week, when Quark acquires a Cardassian lockbox, Odo demands to be present for the grand opening. But when Quark pushes the little red button, he fast-forwards to some gnarly spoilers. Meanwhile, the rest of the crew find themselves trapped in a series of unwinnable mandatory battles. How many types of Ferengi cringe are there? When’s the worst time to get self-conscious about cursing? Could this have been the shortest Star Trek novel ever? All this and more in Fallen Heroes, the book where Odo is the hottest person on the station.

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