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#127: Sarek (TOS event novel)

This week, Sarek has some primo dirt on the Romulans, but he needs help closing the deal. Meanwhile, when James Kirk’s nephew gets caught up in a movement to make Earth great again, he starts to wonder if real-world experience is more valuable than credit hours. Why are the Klingons spoiling for a fight so soon after Khitomer? Is this a bad time for Sarek to take a new gig? And can Kirk be cool with his nephew’s new girlfriend? All this and more in Sarek, the book that’s brought to you by Aunt Sylvia’s Kidnapper Chow!

#108: The Starship Trap (TOS #64)

This week, the Enterprise gets cornered into pulling Uber duty for a haughty councilman, and Kirk couldn’t be less interested in getting a 5-star review. But hospitality becomes the least of Kirk’s worries when another guest reveals the ulterior motive behind his newest creation. Now the crew must travel from universe to universe, putting right what immediately goes wrong and hoping each time that their next leap will be the leap home. Who’s the lady with the head gear? Will Spock ever actually read The Wizard of Oz? And do we in fact live in a society? All this and more in The Starship Trap, the book where I admit I’m in it for the steak.

#099: Sanctuary (TOS #61)

This week, a high-speed chase leads the Enterprise to a planet rumored to guarantee asylum with no credit check and no money down. But when Kirk takes the pursuit planetside, he quickly learns that ships that check in don’t check out. Now he, Spock, and Bones have to find a way out before they all get turned into Ken dolls. Meanwhile, back in the peanut gallery, Scotty trades interior design for intel and turns to the Bible for inspiration. Does this book have the worst foreword yet? Where are all the women? And can Scotty successfully endure an epic case of blue balls for the good of the Federation? All this and more in Sanctuary, the book that provides six steps to a better, more mindlessly obedient you.

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