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RIP Dave Galanter

Star Trek novelist Dave Galanter passed away three days ago on December 12 of cancer. His wife Simantha broke the news of his passing on his Twitter account. He had revealed his terminal diagnosis and the late stage of his illness only a month prior.

Deep Space Spines recently reached his first Star Trek novel, the TNG story Foreign Foes, back in July. He collaborated on the majority of his Trek output with a writing partner, Greg Brodeur, before going solo in 2009 with TOS’s Troublesome Minds. His most recent work in the franchise, the Lieutenant Stamets–centered Discovery novel Dead Endless, came out nearly one year ago to the day.

I enjoyed Foreign Foes, and a lot of the work yet to be reviewed looks pretty exciting. He will be greatly missed.

#138: Foreign Foes (TNG #31)

This week, getting the Klingons and a race they waged war against for seventy years to get along turns out to be exactly as frustrating as it sounds. But the negotiations go from bad to worse when Riker and Deanna go missing, Geordi goes for-real blind, and the Fox News Kool-Aid impairs Data’s command judgment. Which officer does the most puff-piece interviews? Does the Federation provide adequate phaser training for civilians? And can you really work a combadge with a spoon? All this and more in Foreign Foes, or, Blame It on the Grain.

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