Music of the Spheres delayed

The review for Music of the Spheres, the original vision of the book that eventually became Probe, will come out next week. Because I am not reading it in my usual milieu—i.e., at my job, in book form, with no electronic distractions at hand—it’s moving a lot slower than usual. Other contributing factors: Music of the Spheres is a 238-page Word document, and it’s much tougher to stare at screens than at paper for extended periods; I haven’t had many days off lately where I didn’t flip my overnight schedule; and I rarely have opportunities to be on my home computer, especially during summer. I have downloaded a cleaned-up PDF version of the manuscript in hopes of reading faster by catching snatches of it here and there on my phone; just from the little bit I’ve used it, I’d say it’s likely going to be my recommended means for reading it.

Fortunately, with the bad comes a little good: I’m doing another Patreon rejigger soon. I won’t spill all the beans yet, but I will say that giving one dollar will actually get you something extra outside of just funding the books. Something to look forward to!


#093: Probe (TOS event novel)


#093(a): Music of the Spheres (TOS)

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  1. R

    Maybe listening via a text to speech app might be easier? I use the iOS app Voice Dream. It’s pricey but it has some close to real sounding voices. I’m sure there are some other good alternatives out there too.

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